McAfee boss contemplates a world without antivirus

DaveDeWalt.jpgOK, it was a tad cheeky, but I couldn't help myself. At a press briefing with McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt in Sydney today, I had to ask what the company made of the apparent shift towards simply not using antivirus products at all and instead adopting a more proactive approach to security. Predictably, DeWalt wasn't having a bar of it:

You have to do content filtering and there's just no substitute for that; there's so much in and out of your computer all the time.

That's not an unsurprising answer for a security software spruiker, but there's still undeniably a grain of truth there, especially given the apparent gullibility of many Aussie PC users. Still, you don't have to spend a fortune for that kind of security, as our recent list of the five best antivirus solutions demonstrates.


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