Lifetick adds shine to goal management

Aussie-developed Lifetick applies a shiny Web 2.0 interface to setting and managing goals, both long and short-term. Sure, it feels a bit Oprah Winfrey at times (the first stage is setting Core Values and Goals), but having an online system does make it easier to measure your progress towards long-cherished ideas. You can tinker with the site for free in a reduced functionality mode, though the full version costs US$20 a year.


    The amount of AUD sites charing in USD for membership amuses me. I'll stick with Remember The Milk for the mo.

    Great post guys!

    I just signed up myself and love it. FYI Christian, they charge AU$22 for Aussies.

    Nice tool!

    But also check out another goal tracking website which is clear, focused, easy to navigate. It's free and worth a try

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