iTunes U gets an Australian flavour

Apple has been pushing out podcasts from universities under the iTunes U brand for a while now, but the concept just got more interesting with the addition of half-a-dozen Australian universities:  Australian National University, Griffith University, Swinburne University, University of Melbourne, University of NSW, and the University of WA (for New Zealanders, Otago University has also signed up.) Content includes audio and video versions of guest and regular lectures, as well as research profiles. Shame we got stuck with the US-centric 'U' branding; frankly, if you want to go to university, you need to be able to pronounce words of more than one syllable. Though admittedly 'iTunes College' wouldn't be much better.

iTunes U


    Thats very cool.

    btw, Uni is 2 syllables, as we all know that's the most common term used in Australia

    You're right of course . . . and iTunes Uni would sound much better. Do it Apple!

    It should be uniTunes. Or Yooney Toons. Oh, I get it.

    Its a shame iTunes content has to be regionalised at all.
    We all live on the same planet. (debateable in some cases I know)

    edawnedsram: please explain to me exactly how it is debatable that we live on the same planet

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