Is farm life the secret to de-stressing?


If you're suffering from a bad case of
Monday-itis and already feel the need to fling the BlackBerry at your
nearest co-worker, maybe you need to spend some time getting rural.
The BBC reports on research
that found people reported notably reduced levels of anxiety and
stress after visiting a farm. Now personally, cow dung doesn't do
much for me, and it's perhaps sensible to be suspicious of a study
sponsored by an organisation called LEAF, but your mileage may vary.
And at least with the variable state of Australian phone coverage,
your BlackBerry might well be out of range if you do opt for some
quality farm time come Saturday.


  • I have been trying to convince my wife and extended family to move to the country for a while now. It will never happen, but the thought of it alone de-stresses me. 🙂

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