Internode adds SourceForge mirror

ISP Internode has added a local mirror of SourceForge, the repository for much of the open source goodness the world has to offer. This is good news for pretty much anyone downloading open source software locally, as it's bound to make things faster. It's doubly good news for Internode's own customers, as downloads from the mirror site are unmetered — handy if you're constantly downloading new widgets and patches.

While most major ISPs offer various unmetered options (gaming and entertainment are the most common) software-centric choices like this are a bit rarer, especially on the open source side. If there's any other Aussie peering or mirroring arrangements you find especially handy, let us know in the comments.


    Awesome news!

    Another reason why I think Internode is the best Australian ISP.

    As Internode peer with pipenetworks, any other ISP that offer unmetered pipenetworks access should also get unmetered

    Pity about internode's poor pricing. :( But it does help with junkies like me. :)

    Not sure what Christian's referring to by suggesting "poor pricing" as Internode is at least competitive with just about every other ISP - but in addition to sourceforge downloads being unmetered - so are Major Geeks downloads, premium online radio (including the whole Digitally Imported stable) - even Usenet, and 'Node has its own "free" mirror for big downloads like Linux distros, Open Office etc. Just saying...

    That 'poor pricing' (which is in the eye of the beholder - and far and away better value for money than many others) is what helps to fuel the ability of Internode to offer useful things back to the Open Source community in this way.

    Surely thats a win-win - and a reason to consider that the Internode pricing might include benefits beyond the sticker price alone (else, why isn't everyone in the country using the lowest cost ISP and with every other ISP long since gone broke?).

    In the end ... its a simple matter of TANSTAAFL :)

    Finally, an alternative to the slow ass optusnet mirror. Thankyou internode!

    For those unaware, Simon Hackett is the MD for Internode and I'm assuming the comment above is from the same person.

    yeah only Simon Hacket uses "TANSTAAFL" so liberally :)

    (good work with the sf mirror btw - love it!)

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