How to get the most out of Apple’s Sydney store

How to get the most out of Apple’s Sydney store

Apple Store #215 opens at367 George St on June 19, with 125 employees just itching to meet all your Mac and iPod-related needs. Our nine-point guide (after the jump) will help you get the most out of a visit to the three-storey store; head over to Gizmodo for a pictorial tour.

Don’t bother showing up for the official opening. Frankly, given the chaos that ensued when a couple of hundred journalists were being admitted for a controlled preview, we can only assume the official opening will be a bunfight of epic proportions. Pass up the possibility of a free T-shirt and wait a few days for the fuss to die down.

Level 1 is nothing but Macs. We’re going to guess Apple expects to sell more iPods overall, but of course that means you’ll be more than willing to ascend a staircase to get to them.

Level 2 is a sea of iPods, accessories and software. Unsurprisingly, this has more variety than level 1, though there’s no iPhone in sight.

Level 3 is the 20-metre long Genius Bar and Pro Lab. Apple claims 50% of problems can be dealt with on the day, assuming you can get an appointment. Apple estimates the store can handle 1000 appointments and personal training sessions a day.

Blue shirts are better. Orange shirts are the equivalent of general store assistants. Light blue shirts mean product specialists; ask someone in an orange shirt to point you to the right one. Genius Bar staff have dark blue shirts.

Surf the Internet as much as you like. Apple is actively encouraging people to drop in and check their email for nothing. We’re sure you’ll get mildly hassled by sales staff, but it’s still the only free Internet option we can think of in the CBD.

Send the kids straight to level 3. At the far end of the floor, there’s a couple of kid-height Macs to play with. If they get bored, they can run up and down the stairs. Speaking of which . . .

Bring a wheelchair, but don’t wear a skirt. The iconic glass staircase looks impressive from a distance, but also affords numerous upskirt opportunities. There’s a lift for less mobile visitors, and one end of the Genius Bar can be lowered for wheelchair appointments.

Don’t go looking for a bargain. Pretty much everything seemed to be at standard Apple prices, as you’d expect.


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