How much passion does your job need?


In a wide-ranging discussion of changes in corporate language for the BBC, writer Lucy Kellaway really hits the nail on the head with this comment:

One of the big banks is currently advertising for such workers saying "we seek passionate banking representatives to uphold our values." This is a lie. Actually what the bank is seeking is competent people to follow instructions and answer the phones.

Well, exactly. It'd be great to see job ads taking a more realistic approach, but sadly I can't see it happening any time soon. What's the worst example you've encountered? Let us know in the comments.


    There are more jobs than candidates at the moment so people doing the advertising (and I'm looking at you staffing/temp agencies) have ridiculous descriptions for jobs that have no resemblance to what you will actually do day to day. today has over 14000 jobs listed which use "passion" somewhere in the ad. The chief irritant for me is "team player" (still over 10000 jobs on seek).

    I think "team player" is often used as a subconscious euphemism for "will conform" (even if it means capitulating to foolish management ideas)

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