Gmail Labs Hits Google Apps Accounts


If you’ve waited patiently for new experimental Gmail features in your Google Apps account since they were announced for Gmail, your wait is over. Just click Settings -> Labs to get started. Thanks David!


  • I administrate several Google Apps domains… some have Google Labs, some do not… I have checked all the settings needed in the Google Apps Domain Administrator panel (turn on new features, etc.) but I cannot figure out what is going on…

  • The Google Labs option does not appear for any of the Google Apps accounts that I maintain. At least not as of Oct 7 2008.

    I wish they would roll it out for all of us. There are some nice Labs components.

  • According to the Gmail Blog: Administrators using Google Apps can choose to enable Labs by checking the “Turn on new features” box in Domain Settings. Maybe it takes some time to change, but I checked the box and nothing has happened… yet.

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