Friends Reunited goes the free route

Friends Reunited goes the free route (which gained prominence as, for those of you with long memories) had a burst of popularity early in the millennium as a means of tracking down old school mates, but has been overtaken as a networking medium by its Web 2.0 successors, most notably Facebook. No surprise then that the site has taken a different tack recently, dropping its annual fee (which used to block access to email addresses). I'm not sure this in itself will curb my Facebook addiction, but it is nice to have more choices. Which social network do you find most useful for tracking down old Aussie school friends? Let us know in the comments.


  • Personally was the way to go – until Facebook came along.

    The FB group for our high school year now has more members than the friendsreunited equivalent.

    I also think friendsreunited lost its mojo when it started to charge for premium accounts.

  • Looking for school friends from west marrickville primary school 1956 to 1960; lakemba primary school from 1961 to 1962; canterbury girls high school from 1963 to 1968

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