Filling McJobs at the mines means looking overseas

Filling McJobs at the mines means looking overseas

On a recent trip to Perth, a constant topic amongst everyone I met was the difficulty in getting staff to do basic entry-level jobs in the face of demand from remote mining sites. As one bloke put it to me: “I can’t get someone to work for me for $60,000 when they can get $100,000 to wash dishes at the mines.”
It seems Queensland is suffering from a similar problem, with reports that McDonald’s and KFC franchises in Mt Isa and Mackay are having to look overseas for managers . It doesn’t seem that this is the kind of “kids don’t want to work” story so beloved of tabloids, since those locations are still hiring teenagers; instead it’s the simple fact that rapidly growing remote locations have trouble getting the employees they need to manage the stores. Is there any solution to this apart from importing workers — or shutting fast food restaurants? Could a Maccas be managed remotely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. (McDonald’s pic from PR Newswire. We don’t imagine Justin Timberlake is actually available for any of these vacancies.)
Fast food shops recruit foreign workers [The Australian]


  • They could try paying people more. Just a suggestion.

    Oh, wait, that would cost money. Which I’m guessing MacDonalds makes by the truckload in those places (Like a Lotto Ad)

  • Well, getting a 457 applicant in isn’t actually cheap! And if stores have had to close because of a lack of staff, then the money wouldn’t be pouring in. Presumably upping the salaries would require upping burger prices, which I’m guessing might be forbidden in the franchise agreement.

  • This isn’t just a Maccas problem, this is a state wide problem.

    The mines in WA need so much staff that there paying higher wages to get people. For some reason the city jobs refuse to be competitive and wonder why they keep losing staff to the mines. If companies like Maccas weren’t making huge profits they wouldn’t exist. They have enough money to cover wage rises without increasing burger prices. Ronald is just too greedy.

  • Yup, living in Mt Isa and it’s a regular occurrence to rock up to Maccas or KFC to read “Due to lack of staff, only the drive through will be serving today. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

    Actually it’s hard to walk by a shop without a “Staff Wanted” sign in the window. Nice if you ever got bored in your current employment and wanted to try something new every week. @;-P

  • Was talking to someone last week who is from an older generation and works in the mines here in WA. He said he can see some of the conditions his generation fought for being eroded at mining sites where they are even struggling to get workers. He said he is also concerned about what happened when the mining boom goes bust,. All the cheaper labour jobs will have gone to new migrants/ overseas workers who do the job here for less conditions. He has no problem with migrants doing the work. Just concerns over the eroding work conditions and willingness to work for far less pay.

  • LMAO – I actually work in the remote FIFO mining catering industry and believe me… dishwasher is paid 100k pa, they would barely make 50k at most sites which on par with hours worked equates to a little more than what they’d make in a city job. It’s the time off roster that appeals ( 2 weeks on/one week off ) as well as free food and accommodation whilst at work. A Great way to save money too.

    But why would anyone want to take up a Mc-management position on 45-50k anyway? (I’m a keen watcher of hospitality salaries and that’s about average for Mc-wages)
    Whoever this “one bloke” is in the lead-up article should stop telling fibs!!! I’m sure he hasn’t offered anyone a “basic entry-level job” for 60k or actually ever spoken to a 100k pa dishwasher. The mining industry for services ain’t as good as it’s cracked up to be, guys.

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