Fancy an Eee PC for $327?


If you’ve been tempted by the thought of an Eee PC, here’s a good local deal: Catch Of The Day is selling off the original 7.9in Xandros Linux model for $327 plus shipping. To our way of thinking, even at $499, the Eee is a killer buy; with this kind of saving, you’d want to get in quick. 


  • Sorry about that — it only came to my attention late in the day. Hopefully it might inspire some more general bargains, as it implies pretty heavily that retailers will entirely stop stocking the 7.9in model in favour of the 900.

  • Great buy!

    I’ve been waiting to get a laptop, and always been quite intrigued by the eeePC.

    I have a COD tab always open in FF, but hadn’t checked it until I’d seen this post. Cheers for that!

    I’m planning on installing Ubuntu 7.10 onto it (once I’ve had a looky at the Xandros installation first, of course).

    Should be lots of fun! Thanks for the post 😉

  • Hey guys,
    Via my friend Nay:
    “shopbot is reporting cheapest available at $366 – so we can still buy it without spending a hell of a lot more, but without the tight deadline.”

    I hope that helps someone. 🙂

  • Waiting for it to arrive so I can play.
    CoD starts at 12 noon for 24 hours for the unitiated but the really good bargains go quickly.
    Not affiliated in any way just a satified customer

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