Facebook Chat Plug-in Integrates Facebook with Pidgin

Windows/Linux: The Facebook Chat for Pidgin plug-in connects the popular open-source chat application Pidgin with the new Facebook Chat instant messaging service. Facebook integration is one of the marquee features of Digsby, an up-and-coming IM app with an emphasis on social networking sites, but if you're a part of the majority who still prefers Pidgin, this plug-in will bring you the Facebook integration you want and you won't need to change horses to get it. The Facebook Chat plug-in is free, works wherever Pidgin does. Want to beef up Pidgin even more? Check out the ten must-have Pidgin plug-ins. Thanks Larry, Donal, and Jacob!


    Digsby has had this for over a month now, not to mention that Digsby's AutoUpdater is just magic, updated everything automatically. Pidgin has some catching up to do.

    Pidgin has worked on Linux for over eight years now. Digsby has some catching up to do.

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