EzyDVD to offer movie downloads

EzyDVD to offer movie downloads

Ezydownload.jpgOnline retailer EzyDVD has announced that it will be rolling out a movie downloads service, EzyDownload, in September this year. Not much word on the details yet, other than it’s based on the now-defunct Reeltime service and that the company actively wants to partner with ISPs to not have movies included in download caps — an essential feature given that the main competition is Telstra’s BigPond movies service, which offers a similar deal to users over BigPond. So far, the site’s a non-event, but one to keep an eye on. UPDATE: You can now register for further updates on the site.


  • Unless they can extract a better licensing price and release schedule out of the film industry than reeltime was able to, they have no hope of building a viable business out of it.

  • I can hire a dvd for $6.00 or less. If prices were reasonable there would be no need for illegal downloads.After all why would anyone risk a hefty copyrite infringement fine for the sake of a few dollars.

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