Easily Manage Firefox 3 Keyword Quick Searches

Easily Manage Firefox 3 Keyword Quick Searches

You already know how to set up Firefox quick searches by right-clicking in a web page's search box—like on the Google home page—and choosing "Add a keyword for this search." Now in Firefox 3, you can manage search engine keywords in Firefox's built-in search box. Hit the down arrow next to the currently selected engine and choose "Manage Search Engines." There you can view, add, and edit keywords—like w for Wikipedia. Once you've got a quick search set up, just type it and your query into the location bar. For example, typing w Lifehacker will run a search on Wikipedia for Lifehacker. Update: You can't edit or manage bookmark keywords here, just keywords associated with the engines in the search box.


  • I thought this makes the quicksearch switch to the site corresponding to the keyword. I.e i typed “w” and it didn’t switch to wikipedia (once i added that as its keyword).

    Instead when i highlight a word and press “w” wikipedia comes up. Was that suppose to be the function. If so how do i do what i’m trying to do in the first sentance?

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