Does Ten’s new no-credit policy give viewers enough credit?

Does Ten’s new no-credit policy give viewers enough credit?

TenSite.jpgWe’re used to TV stations cramming the credits with ads for upcoming programs, but Ten is now taking it a step further: for new local programs, it’s telling producers not to include any end-of-show credits at all. The Australian’s Media section reports that the change is designed to ensure people don’t switch over between shows, or, as a spokesperson ludicrously put it, “maximise accelerated audience flow”. (One way to prevent channel change would be showing better-quality productions and not using Kyle Sandilands, but I digress.)
Given you can grab most show credits on IMDb, this isn’t much of an informational concern (though it would be nice if the Australian coverage was more comprehensive). But I can’t help thinking that Ten’s missing the bigger picture. In an era where people increasingly download shows to watch later, just how relevant is transitioning the audience to the next show anyway?
Ten cuts credits to lure viewers


  • *grr* Stupid captcha ate my comment. Not even any hope of retrieving the text? *sigh* But I digress.

    I love the credits and always stick around to watch them on TV, DVDs and the cinema (well, pre-child back when we could afford to go out to the movies).

    One negative of downloaded TV shows is that someone has ‘thoughtfully’ cut out the credits already.

    A bigger issue to me is why does a TV channel have so much control over the creative process that it can dictate whether or not a show can have credits in the first place?

  • Wow, this is a fairly big thing. I wonder how soon before TEN starts doing things like this;

    TEN has been going downhill for a long time. God, all our non-public-owned free-to-air TV has been going downhill for a long time. Its a shame too, because they occasionally have good Aussie drama’s (read Underbelly) but the channel itself is what drags it back into the dirt, kicking and screaming.

    And, I am forced to agree about Kyle Sandilands. God forgive me for admitting I used to watch Big Brother but my lord, I have been unable to stomach it this season.

  • Channel Ten are the worst of the bunch as far as treating its viewers like people who resign from a distance (far quits). Nothing annoys me more than the new ways they come with cramming more advertising into every second – credits getting squashed into 1/6 of the screen and fast forwarded while they play ads, station promo banners DURING shows. Thank god for ADSL2+!

  • That’s pretty harsh, And why only local shows?Whilst i may change channels when credits are on, if there was a show i wanted to watch i’d turn back.

  • The short answer to the question would be “because they cough up the cash to produce the show”. No-one makes broadcast-quality TV on spec, it seems.

  • what shits be about ten is when they have the ‘short break’ which is supposed to be 60 seconds but that doesn’t included the 1-2 15 second slots they use telling you how awesome they are for putting this short break in.

    that and dedicating ~2 hours to what ever fad show they have (fat people or retarded idiots in confines) and using it to claim as ‘local content’.

    then kill off any hope of getting shows like american dad, family guy and even futurama by splicing seasons up, changing time slots. Its amazing australia has the highest video piracy rate per capita with such brilliant tv stations.

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