Despite delays, eBay still trying to force PayPal

Despite delays, eBay still trying to force PayPal

Although eBay Australia was asked by the ACCC not to implement its plans for compulsory PayPal on June 17, delaying the scheme until at least July 15 and quite possibly indefinitely, it seems that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at the auction giant. Alex Kidman at APC reports that many attempts to list items for auction are still producing messages saying only PayPal can be used as a payment method. An eBay spokesperson essentially blamed human error for the problem. Bottom line? The listings still work, apparently, but this doesn't make eBay look very organised. It might make sense to have that eBay virtual garage sale while you've definitely still got a choice, but don't be fooled by the on-screen messages.
eBay forces users onto PayPal-only auctions early ... by mistake [APC]


  • By mistake im betting there is no mistake on behalf of ebay,sales on ebay have been dead for the last 2 weeks and it is due to their mistake.
    I usually sell around 80 products per day on bin and over the weekend it was 12 items for the whole weekend. I set up a new selling account at free listings a seller credit for joining so I have nothing to spend to list a 1000 products over there,Im sick of these corporate giants stomping on us. Going to put my effort into the new site and support them to help make it work.If sellers were actually proactive instead of complaining we could get to together and make a new site work.

  • Agree with you Shaun it is misleading but quite sure it is on purpose. So many articles written about it.I will get shot down for this but as far as im concerned it is ebay’s company and they should be allowed to run it how they want, if you have your own website do you have terms and conditions on it ??? I bet everyone does NOT agree with them.
    So many people and so many complaints yet are they forced to sell on ebay? Does ebay owe them anything ? I say sellers if you dont like the terms done use the site, I would kick most of the trouble makers off the site and maybe that is what ebay are trying to do get rid of home sellers and hobby sellers and deal with real business people who dont carry on like the buyers and sellers do on ebay.
    I joined the b4b site also Shaun and its only 6 weeks old yet you see people complaning already,if I had a site I wouldnt be targeting ebay sellers and buyers I would be going for new users to get away from all the rubbish.
    If people actually got of their butts and put energy into building a business they may just suceed.AUSTRALIA grow up move with the times or move along.

  • Greg – a very elitist attitude. I’m not sure why you classify the home/hobby sellers as trouble makers and not worth the time for an auction site, but they are what built ebay. They shouldn’t get off their “butt” (that’s the end of a cigarette over here so I assume you mean “arse”) and become a serious business simply because they want to sell things online from time to time.

    eBay is slowly but surely going to go down the gurgler with its current policies. People and particularly sellers, need to be very careful dealing with them. I have been using ebay since 2001 and operate an eBay store as well as having my own website. I am amazed at what they have just done to me, and their attitude in doing it. It is not a great deal of money involved but it is the principle.

    I received 2 emails accusing me of accessing someone else’s account and presumably stealing their money (??) After going back through my books, I found that the person in question had bought something from me a month earlier. Presumably, this person is claiming they never got the item, and yet they never contacted me to say so, and even left me positive feedback and have bought from me since then again! I tried to respond to the dispute through the dispute console in my account, but found there is no other way to respond than to supply a registered post number. Ebay gives you the option in an auction listing of giving customers several postage options including registered, prepaid post packs etc, and I always give people the option. In the auction I also explain that if you choose the non-registered option I can not be held responsible if the item goes missing.

    So anyway, I then emailed paypal to ask them to explain, but got no response. The next day I emailed them again and they ignored me again. Then to add insult to injury, they sent me another two emails claiming that I had not responded at all and had 4 days to do so. I then responded for the third time asking them if this was a joke, and telling them that they had four days to return the money they stole, but they have of course just ignored me again. I have kept copies of every email I have sent them through their online form process, and I have taken screen dumps of the process on every occasion so I can of course proof it. So what’s the deal here? I assume this is their buyer protection program?!? They never told me this is how it works. They let me give all these postage options on an ebay listing and then when someone claims they didn’t receive something (even if they gave me positive feedback LOL), paypal will steal money from my account and refuse to even discuss the matter with me. I am their client and yet they will happily help anyone rip me off and then just ignore me – even adding insult to injury by sending me emails telling me that I’m the crook! So there it is: Anybody dishonest out there reading this, you just hit on a great scam. Ebay/Paypal will happily steal for you with just a couple of mouse clicks. I even emailed ebay, not telling them that this had happened to me, but asking if someone could just bid on an ebay auction for something worth $1000, choose non-registered post, and then claim they didn’t get it – could they then get their money back and keep the items just by hitting the buyer dispute button on their paypal account. They told me YES and I have the email to prove it! I also asked them if its true that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback even if some timewaster bids on their auction with no intentions of buying and then sends offensive abusive emails, which is another thing that just happened to me. Ebay said yes, sellers can’t leave negative feedback, only buyers.

    After this experience I started doing some research and found so many horror stories about paypal that it wasn’t funny – guys going bush for 6 months, coming back to find their account closed and money gone with paypal only responding that they didn’t think he needed the account anymore so it was gone. There are HEAPS of guys out there who have had their account frozen for basically no reason, with paypal just telling them they could have their money back in 6 months! Anybody who uses paypal, please make sure you NEVER leave more than the $150 in your account, which is how much you need to withdraw not to get even more fees, because they can just take it at anytime and close your account. Just do a search with something like “Paypal sux” and you will find plenty of info about the ethics of this company. Anyway, after their ridiculous letter giving me 4 days to respond, I send them another response giving them 4 days to either explain themselves, or return the money they stole. If nothing is done, I will putting my 2 cents in with every government department who will listen, and I am also considering the Today/tonight route. Yes, paypal and ebay will no doubt close my account, and I will loose some business, but I don’t care – Who the hell are those gits to think they can just walk all over their customers and get away with it.

  • Ebay’s attempt to force use of PayPal is against anti-trust laws. It’s that simple. If paypal is a valuable service, they don’t need to force people to use it, they will just want to. If the internet is regulated, which it will be someday, you can blame it on greedy companies like Ebay. Ebay breaks the rules and isn’t penalized. So Ebay creates a problem, then some politician comes in and says we need to regulate the internet to keep you safe from Ebay and other companies. When the real problem is, Ebay is already breaking already established laws that aren’t being enforced. Truth is, corporations are more powerful than the government. Best thing to do, don’t use Ebay. Use Craigs List. That trend is already starting. Only suckers who think they are going to make a million bucks a year are still trying to use Ebay. Ebay doesn’t protect you from a thing, so you might as well use Craigs List.

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