Deluge Does Lightweight BitTorrent Across Platforms

Deluge Does Lightweight BitTorrent Across Platforms

Windows/Mac/Linux: Freeware application Deluge is a lightweight, cross-platform BitTorrent client. Aside from the standard BitTorrent functionality (you know, downloading), Deluge has a—dare I say—flood of great features for such a young client, including a web interface (like uTorrent and Transmission), full encryption, RSS support, and a plug-in system for adding even more functionality. In fact, if anything Deluge is an attempt at building a cross-platform BitTorrent client with the chops of the popular Windows-only uTorrent, and so far it looks promising. Deluge is free, open source, works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • I switched from Transmission to Deluge on my Ubuntu install quite a while ago when Transmission wouldn’t allow me to select files/assign priority within a torrent from the get go… Haven’t looked back.

    Haven’t had any of these interface issues people complain about.
    Updated it once, maybe.
    Runs fine, and seems to achieve higher speeds on the same torrents than uTorrent on Windows.
    Maybe that’s just a Linux thing though.

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