Compulsory PayPal gets short shrift from ACCC


Good news for eBay sellers who favour choice: the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has rejected eBay’s proposal to make PayPal the only accepted remote payment method, arguing that eBay’s claims of increased security don’t outweigh the disadvantages of reduced competition. As ACCC head Graeme Samuel put it:

The ACCC believes that consumers are in the best position to decide which payment method is most suitable for them. The notified conduct denies them that choice. Accordingly, the ACCC considers that these benefits do not outweigh the anti-competitive effects of the conduct.

eBay is allowed to appeal the decision, so we’re not quite at the end of the process, but the original plan to make PayPal compulsory from June 17 now looks like a no-go. List as you like!


  • Well if this is true why is Ebay forcing sellers to have paypal has a form of payment in there listing when they don’t want it? Not only is it there but when you go to pay you are diected ddirectly to paypal to pay and given no other choice even when the sellers does not have paypal? but Direct online bank deposit and all other forms of payment except paypal!

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