Cheap Eee PC rides again


When we noted the $327 Eee PC earlier in the week, the offer ran out before many readers saw it -- so we're pleased to report that Catch Of The Day is reprising the deal. Clearly the original Eee is now in runout mode, so even after this offer runs out, shop around online to look for a deal -- there's no logic in paying $499 any more. More Aussie Eee tip goodness coming soon too.


  • Oh damnit. Why is my wallet empty right NOW?

    That is a great, great deal, and would be perfect for me to take overseas (soon).

    Ahhhh well.
    Thanks for pointing it out anyway 😉

  • OK you’ve convinced me. I just bought one. To be honest I’ve been thinking about one for a while, but your post tipped me over the edge. I’m heading off to 10 weeks in Europe soon and I think this will be just the thing. The instant connection to wireless hotspots probably also tipped me over the edge. Starbucks Stockholm, here I come!

  • Well, As one who is hopelessly addicted to electronic toys, I’d already been to the COTD site and pressed the wallet-emptying button before the first ‘heads-up’ here. Looking forward to getting it in the mail.

    It’s funny – I’ve never liked using laptops/notebooks yet I’m happy to be heading into Eee-land. Maybe I’m accepting the screen/mouse/keyboard trade off more readily with something this size and weight. I’ve never been too keen on PDAs either.

    Of course, the functionality/price ratio could be a factor too…

  • Take an eeePC to europe. My wife and I did. Wifi was readily available so you can do your banking without worrying about spyware on some cafe’s pc. There were plenty of unsecured wifi networks in Italy and greece. Inet is cheaper at a cafe if you have your own machine. It was also used for downloading the camera cards onto a 2.5 inch external HDD.(BTW that HDD and its photos became more important or irreplaceable than my passport). We were away for 14 weeks so the built in webcam for video conferencing really helped keep home sickeness away. For the money, it really paid for its self. If in a years time I replace it and go buy a better netbook – I can still hand someone else a useful PC.

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