Can I get torrents on DVD for a fee?


Dear Lifehacker,

Do you know of any online services where
you can specify a list of torrents, and your credit card number, and you can
have a disc set mailed to you with the results? Sometimes I can imagine this
being faster than a download and certainly less hassle for some people. I searched
Google with no luck, but I thought if such a thing exists, Lifehacker will know
about it.

Signed, Pressed For Time, Hungry For

Our own searches on this topic also turned
up nothing, but to be honest that’s not surprising. The popularity of
torrenting doesn’t change the fact that the majority of material exchanged
online in this way is a blatant violation of copyright law. The fact that
individuals continue to get away with it is down to two factors: firstly, it’s
difficult and fiddly (if not impossible) to track down a single person
responsible for a particular torrent, and secondly, for the most part, no-one
really makes money from it, so a legal action wouldn’t profit anyone much.
(Some people argue that torrents simply provide access to material that they
could legally access by other means and might even have paid for in another
format, though it’s hard to see how that applies to just-broadcast shows that might
never reach Australia.)

Setting up a paid-for torrent service that
accepted credit cards would eliminate both those factors. The credit card
payment facility would make it trivially easy for copyright holders to track
down the owners of the business, and those owners could hardly claim that they
weren’t making money off someone else’s work. So it’s a poor business plan.

Even assuming someone wanted to try their
luck running such a service in a country where law enforcement was lax,
consumers would be foolish to try it. Firstly, the content of torrents isn’t
guaranteed; someone unscrupulous could send out the same DVD to everyone with
the files renamed to match the order and you’d basically have no grounds to
complain. Secondly (and more importantly), why would you want to trust a
business that’s already engaging in criminal behaviour and going out of its way
to be untraceable with your credit card details?


  • Assuming that the torrent is sharing a “legal file” – this is all pretty baffling.
    1. whoever is downloading it – it’ll take the same amount of time
    2. Most legal torrents download fast coz there’s plenty of seeds, even if it were slow …
    3. there’s nothing to do – just let it download (except leave the computer and torrent client on).
    Focusing on the fact that there is supposedly illegal shares out there is misleading too – torrents are simply an efficient and widely used technology used by plenty of legit organisations.

  • I think assuming a “legal file” is quite a big assumption in this case. Not disputing that there are plenty of great uses for torrents, but as you say for that kind of content there’s generally a lot of seeds and speed is less of an issue.

  • I use a service called FURK you submit a torrent file to them and they’ll download it for you to their servers using some ultra fast connection they have. Up to 10gb in less then a day seems pretty fast to me.

    You can then download it at your maximum download speed whenever you want just like a normal download.

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