Boxee Is XBMC with Newer Look and Social Flair

Boxee Is XBMC with Newer Look and Social Flair

Free, open source application Boxee is a new media centre application for the Mac (and soon to be Linux and Windows). Based on the open source media centre application Xbox Media Centre, aka XBMC, which we’ve covered from it’s humble beginnings on the Xbox classic to its move to your Mac and your thumb drive, Boxee completely reskins XBMC and adds a new social element. With Boxee, your local content seamlessly integrates with web content from sites like and YouTube, and Boxee shares what you’re watching, listening to, and liking with all of your friends.

Currently Boxee is Mac OS X only, but the folks at Boxee say they’re working on both Linux and Windows versions. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Boxee.

Friends Activity

Whenever your friends watch or recommend something using Boxee, it automatically shares that information at your Boxee dashboard (assuming you’re both friends on Boxee).

Simple Integration with Your Desktop Media

Boxee is set up with all of your default media locations as soon as you start it up. Without any configuration, Boxee will detect and present your media nicely organised and complete with poster art and descriptions.

Integration with Online Media

Similarly, Boxee is built to integrate easily with online video, music, and photo sites as well. You can browse and watch YouTube videos, check out a friends Flickr stream, or play music directly from

Social Web Integration

From the Boxee web interface, you can tweak your profile so that your Boxee status updates are pushed out to popular social sites like Twitter, FriendFeed, or your Tumblr blog.

Boxee is currently in a private alpha testing phase, but the application is very usable and they’ve set up a priority link for Lifehacker readers looking for invites. If you’ve already got an invite, you can also send out new invites to fellow readers if you’re feeling generous.


  • When they talk linux I hope they plan on putting together a console compatible version for the PS3 or Wii. There still isn’t a neat way of doing this sort of thing on either platform.

  • I am super excited about this, i was about to buy a popcorn hour but this is going to be much better.
    If anyone has an invite left please hook me up my gmail login is charlesmcnall . Thank You

  • Glad to see we’ve made it to LifeHacker Aussie Edition 🙂

    I’m Andrew and I handle some of boxee’s outreach.

    We actually launched the boxee Linux Alpha on Tuesday so if you’re interested sign up at; we’ll get you an invite within the week. (Windows will be coming shortly)

    @Jona – we’re open source so if anyone wants to help port boxee to another system, get in contact with us – [email protected]

    Apply for the Alpha and help us make boxee the best media center ever.

    All the best,

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