Best ways to install Linux apps on the Eee PC

Best ways to install Linux apps on the Eee PC

Anthony Caruana over at Hydrapinion was one of many people who took advantage of recent discounts on the Eee PC. He quickly encountered an issue lots of Eee owners have had: adding new applications is far from easy if you want to use anything other than the limited Asus-approved set of packages. The bigger screen on the 900 and 901 (the latter now due in Australia in June, incidentally) won’t help with that.
My own approach to the Eee has been to not add anything — but then I don’t want much more than a browser, a word processor, and a wireless broadband connection, and they’re all in the OS already. There are several solutions out there — ditch Xandros and add a new OS, use a package manager, teach yourself to install from source — but which one works best for the Eee? Let us know your experiences in the comments.


  • Have you tried Marf’s tweakeee. I tried it before when I was still using the default Xandros OS. although I was able to download a couple of programs but later on seemed to have screwed up the program with my tinkering. he he. so I switched to xp. Maybe you can give it a try and go easy on the tweaking part.

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