Best (and Worst) Things About Vista?

In honour of Bill Gates' retirement from Microsoft, our brother in blogging Jason Chen lists a few reasons why Windows Vista really isn't that bad, from security, to looks, to gaming abilities. We've given Vista a pretty hard time around here, from our posts on how to make Vista less annoying to implying it copied Mac OS. But what do you think are the best (and worst) things about Vista? Let us know in the comments — and see what Mr. Gates himself really thinks about Vista—after the jump.

One thing you have to give Mr. Gates credit for, it's his honesty (however backhanded) when it comes to Vista. In this short clip from Gizmodo's interview with Gates at CES back in January, he pretty much says that Vista should've been more polished before it shipped.

You sad to see the Gatester go? Or is it time for a new generation of nerds to be in charge of what happens on our desktop? Think Vista really does suck or rule? Air your thoughts in the comments.


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