Backyard Shed Turned Home Office

Backyard Shed Turned Home Office

Reader Brian DeHamer needed a home office but lived in a crowded house, so instead he used extra space out behind his garage. He writes:

When our first son was born, it quickly became clear that it was going to be difficult to continue working from home in our small 3 bedroom house in San Diego. After debating the merits of either moving or remodeling we decided the simpler solution would simply be to build a separate office in the dead space behind our garage. I called one of the local ‘shed’ dealers and had a pre-fab, 8×15 ft shed delivered and installed a few weeks later.

Check out before, during construction, and after photos of his awesome new shed-turned-office.

Here’s the pre-fab shed, half-assembled:

Then, fully assembled.

DeHamer writes:

With the basic structure in place, there was still plenty of work to be done before I could move in. The first order of business was ensuring that I had all the power and connectivity (CATV, phone, Ethernet) that I would need for my office.

Once all the necessary infrastructure was in place I had the shed insulated, dry-walled, carpeted and painted. This shot was taken after I assembled my desk and monitor mount.

Here’s how the finished office looks today. The triple-monitor setup in the foreground is my work machine (I do software work for a large IT shop) and the dual-monitor setup in the back is my personal/gaming machine.

These are just a few pictures of the construction. See Brian’s full Home Office Flickr set for more details. Amazing work! Update: Brian says the whole thing cost about US$6,000 to complete (though he did do the wiring work himself to save cash, something that is legally iffy to say the least in Australia). The shed alone cost about US$3,800 (which included delivery and installation).

Read more about Brian’s setup at his weblog.


  • Yea it is iffy doing DIY cabling in Australia lol, but everyone just does it anyway 😛 Saves forking out cash to contractors. In theory, permanant cabling must be installed by a certified person but if the cabling is temporary, you can DIY.

  • If you were in australian, then you would have just broken a tonne of regulations, it looked like you ran power beside data, highly illegal, no conduit and insufficent segrigation, and the shed isn’t fastened to the ground from what i can see, good luck in a big wind

  • Well done Brian I say, for an IT guru it looks as if you have done a good job. FYI i am a builder from Australia and comments left by “me” are not correct. Isolation only is required between data and power (not conduits) and the space you have left looks OK. Also there is no requirement for tie down of a temporary structure of this nature unless you are in a high risk cyclone area. Cheers

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