KeyJnote Turns Your PDFs Into Powerful Presentations

Windows/Mac/Linux: Free, open source application KeyJnote transforms any simple PDF into a powerful interactive presentation similar to PowerPoint or Keynote. After you plug your PDF into KeyJnote, you get a slate of powerful presentation tools, with everything from simple forward and back navigation with your left and right mouse buttons, mouse highlighting, rectangle highlighting, slide zooming, and more. KeyJnote doesn't yet have a graphical interface for starting a PDF presentation, but using it is simple.

The easiest way to get going with KeyJnote is probably to drag your PDF into your KeyJnote directory, fire up a command prompt in that folder, type keyjnote yourpdfnamehere.pdf, and your presentation will automatically start up. For a quick example of KeyJnote in action, try the demo PDF by running keyjnote demo.pdf from the command prompt or terminal in the KeyJnote directory. Thanks jackhab! UPDATE: Our apologies if this one looks familiar.


    The sourceforge site vanished, does anybody know what happened ?

    KeyJnote has come under trademark litigation from Apple, and the main developer is currently AWOL. For the time being, you can access the code at, and hopefully there will be more information there soon about the future of keyjnote.

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