Add More Sites to Opera's Speed Dial

If checking out Opera 9.5's unique features and serious speed has made you a recent convert, the CyberNet blog has a tip on how to expand beyond the nine standard quick links in the browser's Speed Dial feature. The trick requires just a few lines modified in a configuration file, and you'll get a custom layout and number of Speed Dial items. Got any other Speed Dial hacks to share? Let's hear about them in the comments.


    thanks for that hack, it's a beauty.
    I use opera as my main browser and often wanted more speed dial boxes than the standard 9.
    now I got 12

    Note the path to Opera directory (Help → About Opera).
    Close Opera.
    Open speeddial.ini file in any text editor from Opera directory.
    Add the following lines and adjust number of rows & columns to your requirement. If you use widescreen monitor, increase number of columns.

    Start Opera.

    Thanks, works without any troubles.

    I used speed dial but lost all my links when formatting my pc. Came across a online site that does the same ...

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