3 plots iPhone plans while we pray for delay

Like Nick at Gizmodo Australia, we've seen a few postings this weekend indicating that 3 is telling customers it too will be offering an iPhone in Australia. How quickly that comes to pass remains to be seen, but we're hoping it doesn't happen in a big hurry. As we've already noted, early adopters are going to get burnt price-wise. If 3 holds off, we might actually see better-value deals — although, like the existing data plans, these aren't likely to be good for people outside the core 3 'broadband zones'.


    Dumb question, but what is stopping us from just rocking into an apple store or reseller on July 11, pick up and iphone and negating any issues that we have with the phone network.

    Or will apple not be selling the phone this way. It would seem to me that they shooting themself in the foot abit here. Or it just might be that singtel and vodaphone wanted it as an exclusive, and this is the only way they could get network support.

    Short answer: nothing, except that (1) for the non pre-paid models, you'll be stuck with paying off a contract anyway and (2) even for the up-front ones (which will certainly cost more), they'll initially be locked to a network. In the US, unlocking the iPhone voided the warranty -- that might not fly here because of different trade practice rules, but it's a possibility. Then there's the matter of network-specific features such as visual voicemail, though we've got no official word on those yet.

    So what is the actual law here in Australia regarding the unlocking of mobile phones?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the mobile network/makers had to allow users to unlock their phones??

    Your comment on problems using 3 outside the broadband zones raises a question. I'm heading off for 7 weeks holidays driving up the Queensland coast from Brisbane to Cairns. I already have a 3 broadband modem on the excellent $15 per month deal. But it's basically either useless or very expensive when I drive out of the top end of Brisbane. Does anyone offer a SHORT TERM mobile broadband plan for holiday-makers like me? (I asked Optus... they don't!)

    Actually, you do. Neither Optus or Vodafone will have visual voicemail available at launch.

    Thanks Angus, I can understand the lower price point for the contract term. But with Mr Jobs stating in the WWDC keynote that in almost all countries the price would be $199 (I take it he means US dollars) that would make it around the $230 AUS mark. Wouldn't there be a massive backslash from the community if the upfront Price is much more then that.

    How did it work in the U.S. with the first iphone?

    Judging from the number of people who've slapped down a deposit on a phone with an unspecified cost, I don't see a backlash coming.

    Leo, the new lower price point in the US is subsidised by the 2 year phone contract you are locked into (before leaving the store).

    I've heard it's $699 or $899 outright in the US.

    Leo Perkins: "But with Mr Jobs stating in the WWDC keynote that in almost all countries the price would be $199 (I take it he means US dollars) that would make it around the $230 AUS mark. Wouldn't there be a massive backslash from the community if the upfront Price is much more then that."

    Yeah, people will be pissed off for being misled. And of course WE (phone store reps) will have to explain this crap, not Stevey. >:|

    Jono: I'm not sure who you were responding to, but yes, visual voicemail is coming later on (that's where you can see a list of your voicemails, like text messages, and listen to them in any order you like, important ones first etc, for those who don't know).

    Phil Campbell: While you can't get the wireless USB device on a month-by-month, you MAY be able to get a M2M business mobile plan and add the 1/2/6GB data to that... or even do the data standalone... But for that to work for you, you would need a mobile capable of a 'mobile modem' function (most nokias and ericssons released in the past 12 months have some support for this, with desktop software). There is also a chance that it will work in your 3 device - that would depend on whether or not it is restricted to 3-mobile sim cards or not (I've heard others have used optus cards in vodafone usbs without issue). I'm also not 100% sure if that data plan CAN be done on a M2M, since I don't have access to that reference material, but chances are, if you get into an optus store and tell a rep to check his bulletins for the details of the 'mobile modem' or newest business data plans with 1GB-6GB options, you might find something within your price range (standalone M2M will be more expensive than any contracted plan, but it will still be cheaper than a cancellation or roaming on telstra with your 3 device).

    If you can't get any straight answers at your local store, then you can try to get onto me at the Carindale (QLD) store on 07) 3398 8855, but please realise that we have to prioritize in-store customers over calls, so it can sometimes take a couple of attempts to get onto someone over the phone (we're one of the two busiest stores in queensland).

    Good luck! :)

    - Matthew

    I work at Optus.

    Iphone will be unavailable to be unlocked for free (on plan), and for standard charges ($80 within first 6 months) if bought on prepaid.

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