Would you list your games skillz on your resume?

In a fascinating piece for BBC News, Maragret Robertson argues that it's only a matter of time before we all start listing our experience with PC and console games on our resumes. Not only is gaming now so widespread that it's a legitimate inclusion in the hobbies list, she suggests, but it's even a good way of demonstrating your potential usefulness to an employee:

It's becoming increasingly common for gamers to list things like running World Of Warcraft guilds in their applications, and increasingly common for employers to recognise the organisational, managerial and inter-personal skills such experience brings.

I'm in two minds about this — undoubtedly games (especially online games) can demonstrate persistence and collaborative skills, but if I saw someone talk about their WoW guild-building skills, I'd start questioning why that candidate couldn't talk about more directly relevant experiences for the job at hand. What do you think? Time to add Halo to the CV, or will that frag your chances of getting hired?


    There may be some merit in this idea but I'm not sure how seriously employers will take any candidate that lists gaming on their resume. Just seems to show a lack of maturity...

    At a more experienced level, I agree that a candidate ought to be drawing on more directly relevant experiences.

    However, during the graduate recruitment process - a situation where one has little or no prior corporate experience to draw from - I imagine it's quite tempting to include organising gaming activities as an achievements or demonstration of negotiation/problem-solving skills.

    I must admit that, as a new graduate, my brain's first response to some of the standard 'tell me about a time you...' grad interview questions was 'Oh, there was this time in my Guild...' and I struggled to think of something better!

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