Work out if rechargable batteries would save you money

Even if you only have a few battery operated devices at home, it can feel like you’re always buying new ones. As an example, Wii remotes are terrible power suckers – make sure you take the batteries out when you’re not playing. So would it work out cheaper to buy rechargable batteries?
The Simple Dollar blog has helpfully crunched the numbers on whether investing in rechargable batteries makes financial sense.
Assuming a use of 10 AA batteries a month, the rechargables worked out cheaper over two years, saving around $US75 per year after that. Of course this will depend on the quality of the batteries and recharger you buy, but it’s worth checking out the article and comparing your own situation.
And of course, switching to rechargables would save sending piles of batteries into land fill!
Got any tips for getting the most out of your batteries? Share in comments please.

Are rechargable batteries really cost effective? [The Simple Dollar]

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