Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Vista SP1 Now on Windows Update

Windows only: We know it's kind of pathetic to get all excited about something as mundane as a service pack—yet here we are, hearts all a-patter because XP SP3 and Vista SP1 have been unleashed on Windows Update and at the Microsoft Download Center. Get thee to patching your PC! Why should you? Our complete field guide to XP Service Pack 3 holds all the answers.


    Ok, I clicked your link to "field guide to XP Service Pack 3" and ended up with a "404 - Not Found" on a blank screen. Did Bill, by chance censor it :-)?

    hehe, no, that was bad linking on my part. thanks for catching it. :)

    Since it installed itself on my computer i've had nothing but trouble, i hate it and want it removed but it won't let me. Thank Microsoft...i'll be sending you the bill.

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