What Makes Vista Worth It?

What Makes Vista Worth It?

The majority of you told us that you prefer XP to Vista and that it’d be best if Microsoft extended its cutoff date for XP, but we can’t help but wonder if there’s something about Vista that’s worth your while. For those of you who have made the switch—or those who have been tempted—we’re curious what Vista features actually make the upgrade worthwhile for you. So let’s hear what you actually like about Windows Vista that you didn’t get from XP in the comments.


  • I upgraded to Vista originally for the Media Centre as I was building a home theatre PC, and I must admit that I am quite satisfied with the result. Then I upgraded my gaming machine to get DirectX 10 (mainly for Bioshock) and again I am quite happy with the result. The only other Vista features that I have any real time for are the incremental full system backup (Vista Business and Ultimate only) and the new file searching engine is a great improvement (although it required a few tweaks to get it to work the way I wanted it to). The rest of the stuff like the Aero eye candy is a bit “take it or leave it”.

  • Vista is bloated and power hungry. Any gains in processor speed and memory size are lost in an OS built by committee.

    To go past XP I want real returns in an OS the same size or smaller with better tolerance to hacking and environmental problems.

    A case in point is I have a wireless network that’s useless because of a driver that XP can’t tell me is wrong or even what or where it is. The only effecient process is to rebuild the entire system.

  • 1. The overall looks. Even though it would slow down the majority of laptops and slow desktops today, vista’s graphics slow nothing down for me =)
    (Although most would argue you can fully skin XP to look exactly like vista, including getting Flip 3D)

    2. Small improvements here and there…ie. improved network connectivity, more folder view options (although they seem to always show up as the wrong option for the wrong folder), improved search, improved startbar, etc etc

    3. DX 10…although I havent noticed much difference besides for the fact I can start my games using the DX 10 option =P

    4. Much improved photo gallery and movie maker…although most of us use 3rd party apps for them anyway

    5. Uhmm not that much more really. I spose its not that great. lol.

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