Ways to let your laziness make you more productive

Automation is a great way to aid productivity and get things done more quickly. The Stepcase Lifehack blog (which seems to be what Lifehack.org has changed its name to) has a great twist on this in a post today suggesting ways to capitalise on our tendency to inaction or laziness by automating things we want to get done.

For example – setting up a direct debit of 10% of your salary which goes automatically into a high yield savings account. It’s much more likely you’ll just get used to saving that money, than if you had to manually move the money (oh wait, I spent it) each month. The other suggestions included setting your alarm clock to wake you earlier in the morning, and setting up a regular online grocery order.
Have you found any ‘set and forget’ ways to get things done? Please share in comments.

Fight Downhill Battles: Let Laziness and Inertia Make You More Productive [Stepcase Lifehack]

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