TV vs. Net


A Nielsen Online study has found that Australians now spend more time online than watching TV. We spend an average of 13.7 hours per
week web surfing, and 13.3 hours per week in front of the TV. Does that fit with your net and TV habits? The silly thing is I bet it doesn’t take into account people watching downloaded shows on their computers or streamed to their TV.
My question is – how do people find 13.3 hours of TV worth watching each week? 🙂
[via Laurel Papworth]


  • I watch very litle TV that is broadcast to my actual television. What TV I do watch is downloaded and streamed, when I want to watch it. Only a couple of programs, but the key there is that it is on my terms not the TV company’s.

    So it is technically online use I suppose and not TV – but I am not online when I watch it as it is downloaded the night before. So am I really watching TV or am I online?

  • I only watch stuff I’ve downloaded or live sport. I reckon I average about 10 hours per week. So many other things to do that I only watch TV on purpose, not on autopilot everynight.

  • I watch SBS News, obscure movies (SBS) and some sport but I have the teev on while I’m online – so that’s 13 hours I s’pose.
    Used to have a house party for Lost but they screwed round with the programming so bad that I download that now too! Willing to watch the ads with a bunch of people but the fools pushed us away.

  • You can grab a few hours without really noticing it, especially if the shows are good. New Invetors, SImpsons, Numbers, and SBS and/or Channel 2 news will do me around 6 hours a week. I can see 13 to be pretty easy to get to if you like TV, or use it to kill time. In fact I’m surprised that the figure is not much higher.

  • Ever since I got a laptop i usually sit on the couch in front of the tv. The tv is on in the background and I will glance at it once in a while but my main pre-occupation is the internet. Do try and watch the news though,or some of my favourite series…

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