This Week’s Top Downloads

This Week’s Top Downloads
  • Mojo 2.0 Windows Beta Shares iTunes Over the Internet (Mac and Windows)
    “Adam already walked you through how to download music from your friends’ iTunes libraries over the internet using Mojo on the Mac, and now Windows users can get in on the fun.”
  • Elevator Quickly Disables UAC for Specific Programs (Windows)
    “Freeware application Elevator disables the User Account Control prompt for specific applications through your right-click menu, getting rid of the UAC annoyance for apps that require administrator privileges every time they run.”
  • Folder View Gets You Back to That Last Folder Quickly (Windows)
    “Free Explorer add-on Folder View adds a toolbar to your Windows Explorer windows that includes a really helpful “History” function, which lets you quickly head back to those folders buried deep in your system, stashed on a network, or are just a pain to type into the address bar again.”
  • MP3-Check Finds What’s Missing from Your Metadata (Windows)
    “Freeware application MP3-Check examines your music library to weed out files that are missing important metadata or those that don’t match certain criteria.”
  • Google Inline MP3 Player User Script Streams Linked MP3s (Firefox with Greasemonkey)
    “The Google Inline MP3 Player Greasemonkey script inserts Google Reader’s MP3 Flash player next to any linked MP3 file you stumble onto while browsing.”
  • Compare and Delete Duplicate Images with DupliFinder (Windows)
    “DupliFinder, a free Windows utility, compares digital photos by their name, size, and actual image information to find duplicates you can delete without worrying about.”
  • iContact Brings Your Google Contacts to Your Desktop (Windows)
    “Freeware application iContact downloads your Gmail address book to your desktop for quick access to all your contacts’ information.”
  • Snackr RSS Ticker Keeps You on Top of News (All platforms with Adobe Air)
    “Freeware Adobe Air application Snackr runs a news ticker of your RSS feeds at the bottom or top of your monitor, or as a scrolling sidebar.”
  • Some PDF to Word Converter Does What It Sounds Like (Windows)
    “Freeware application Some PDF to Word Converter takes your PDFs and—as the name implies—converts them to Microsoft Word documents.”
  • HamachiX Updated with Leopard Support (Mac)
    “HamachiX is a graphical front end to the Hamachi product, and essentially it lets you access your Mac remotely over the internet as if it were on the local network.”
  • Better Gmail 2 Gets New Features, Skins, and Firefox 3 Support (Firefox)
    “Just posted the long-awaited update to the Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension, a compilation of the best user scripts and skins for the new Gmail interface.”
  • HomeCamera Turns Your Webcam into a Surveillance Camera (Windows)
    “Web site and software HomeCamera turns your desktop webcam into a web-enabled surveillance camera.”
  • New York Times Reader Now Available for Mac (Windows and Mac)
    “The beta NY Times reader application which Adam gave the full screenshot walk-through treatment is now available for your Mac.”


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