Telstra rivals petition for Fair Go Broadband


Optus is hosting a G9-sponsored electronic petition against Telstra’s attempts to monopolise the next generation of Australian broadband, over at Fair Go Broadband.

The site is calling for members of the public to sign the petition, which says in part:

There is a clear and present danger that in its rush to roll out the
National Broadband Network (NBN), the Government will give away
critical competition and consumer safeguards. This would see Telstra
regain its monopoly control of fixed line voice and broadband; drive
much higher broadband prices; and in turn keep broadband usage well
below its potential.

The site is authorised by 10 telcos including Optus, iinet and Internode, and also links to the T4: Tell the Truth Telstra website.
Would be amusing to compare and contrast with Telstra’s propaganda blog, Now We Are Talking. If you’re a telco blog junkie anyway. 🙂


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