Take notes during tech support calls to keep your provider accountable

While many call centres these days record support calls, it can help you to keep them accountable (and keep track of your account details) if you keep notes on any support calls you make.
You don't need a word-by-word transcript, but here are some basic facts you can note down:

  • the date and time of your call
  • the name of the operator
  •  any specific details related to your call such as dates, times, or payment amounts discussed
  • if they say anything which seems odd or wrong to you, make note of it. For example, a staffer at one ISP told me it didn't matter what phone provider I used, I'd be able to get their internet regardless. It seemed odd, and sure enough, when I rang back the next day to connect, I was told that I had to be with Telstra or a Telstra wholesaler to get their service.

Having these notes to hand can make any followup support calls much easier for you and the company you're calling.

My other advice is to ask questions to clarify anything complex, and repeat it back to them. Saying "So if I understood you correctly, the situation is..." can help make sure you're both on the same page.
I realise this is simple advice, but I was reminded how important it is this week when trying to get a telephone and internet service connected. I was quoted a $299 connection fee for my telephone and told a technician would need to visit the house, because the operator looked up the address and said the property had never had a telephone line with their company.
Then the next day when I called back to arrange the connection, I spoke to a different operator who was able to find the property in their computer system, and confirmed there had been a phone on before, so it would be just a $59 connection fee. That's a difference of nearly $200 just from speaking to two different operators. Scary. The moral of the story for me is document everything. :)
Got any tips for making sure you get smooth service when dealing with call centres? Share in comments please.


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