SpotCrime Maps Local Illegal Happenings

US Only: Crime-mapping mashup SpotCrime pulls data from city police records and news sources and plots it in an easy-to-snoop fashion. Choose a city, a time frame, and the types of offences you want to see, and you can mouse over the pinned icons to see thumbnail descriptions, or click an item for a full read. The site claims that humans are working in the background to make sense of the data, and that incidents show up anywhere from 3-24 hours after they're reported. A good tool for checking out a potential neighbourhood for moving or exploring, or just keeping up on what's going down across town.


    Please pick up your act, SpotCrime is USA only.
    Please stop blindly reposting Lifehacker USA posts and do a bit of Oz focussed value add.
    Otherwise we might as well just subscribe to the original Lifehacker feed.
    Remember you are Lifehacker AUSTRALIA.

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