Say no to charity collectors and salespeople


Sometimes it can seem like every time you answer the phone you get asked for money. Especially when it’s a charity collector, some people find it hard to say no (which is why so many charities operate this way).
 The Simple Dollar suggests a couple of strategies for people who find that they get easily talked into parting with their cash:

  • If you like to support charity, by all means go for it. But do it in a planned way – budget your giving for the year, and stick to your budget.
  • When a telemarketer calls you raising money for a different charity, tell them the truth:

“I’ve already decided my charitable giving for the year. I’ll keep you in mind for next year.” Then – hang up!

  • Learn to politely but firmly end the conversation – the more you chat, the more opportunity you give to the salesperson to talk you into the sale or donation.

Note that you can add your number to the Do Not Call register to avoid sales calls – but charities are exempt, as as businesses with whom you already have an existing relationship – so your telco can still call trying to upsell you to a more expensive contract, for example.

The Sucker Factor – The Cost of Being Unable to Say No and How to Get Out of it
[The Simple Dollar]


  • I give charity from the part of dividends which I receive.

    Example: I have 1000 shares I opt to donate the dividends from 350Shares to X Charity and rest is my balance.

    I prefer this because I don’t need to plan anything for the charity of my choice. Not do I have to shell out anything from my savings.
    And I receive a tax invoice against which I claim deductions.

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