Run the Ultimate Boot CD from Your Thumb Drive

Run the Ultimate Boot CD from Your Thumb Drive

The Pen Drive Linux weblog details how to install the Ultimate Boot CD, a popular system recovery tool, directly to your thumb drive so you can carry your emergency recovery toolbox in your pocket. We mentioned Ultimate Boot CD’s thumb drive-ability when we highlighted UBCD as one of the top 10 free system recovery tools, but Pen Drive Linux steps through the process and includes links to all the files you’ll need to download to set it up. The guide is clear and easy to follow, so repurposing that extra thumb drive as a system recovery drive should be a snap.


  • Ultimate Boot CD is junk. I copied it from their official website, and tried and burned it to a new disk. I have Win-XP on Sony notebook. I ran UBCD from a CD on the boot up, and from the CD in Windows, all I got was their website and a massage from my computer warning me that my personal data is being hijacked and shipped to some one in the Internet using some kind of active content software. Other than sending my data and showing me their webpage on my screen, it did absolutely nothing of any use that I am aware of! Originally I just wanted to create a new partition, which I did not get to do. Oh yes, my computer was fine before, but now, right after trying to run UBCD, it’s acting kind of funny, the cursor does not seem to move on boot up. I have to reboot again and again to get it to work. Some program also seems to be running in the background all the time now. I don’t know what that program is, but it’s sure making my computer work hard. Thanks a lot Ultimate Boot CD. My advice to the rest of you is to stay as far away from this piece of trash as you can. Well till they fix it.

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