Remove Outlook Attachments Without Deleting the Message

Remove Outlook Attachments Without Deleting the Message

Too many large email attachments weighing down Outlook’s PST file and your hard drive, but you don’t want to throw out the message with the attachment? Weblog Digital Inspiration details how to separate attachments from email messages in Outlook without deleting the message. It’s a simple process, and when you’re done the file is no longer attached to the message; you can keep or delete it as you see fit. It’s not difficult, but the little two-step process could save you hard drive space and keep Outlook’s PST file lighter and snappier—especially if you back it up regularly.


  • What would be great would be an app that would enable you to strip attachments and store them in a directory of your choosing AND add a link back to that file to the email. I’ve been looking but haven’t found it yet.

  • Just a bit of warning – the recommendation only works in emails that were sent in the HTML format, not Rich Text or Plain Text.

    The Remove option is greyed out in both of these options.

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