Pack a survival kit to ensure you get good photos or video while on the road

The publisher of Australasian Camcorder magazine, David Hague, has shared some tips for how to build a survival kit for when you’ll be trying to take photos or video while on the road. He’s pretty serious about his images – he says he chooses between three different backpacks:

“One is used for in-the-field video trips, a second for casual day to
day use where an opportunity may happen to get a shot or video and the
third is when I am seriously going away for a week or so.”

His list of supplies includes the stuff you’d expect, like backup batteries and SD cards, but also have some other items you might not have thought of, to help you solve any problems you might come across like inclement weather:

  • jeweller’s screwdriver kit
  • dry socks
  • sealable plastic bags as emergency camera ‘raincoats’
  • basic first aid kit
  • lens cleaning kit

Hit the link to see the full list. You can tell David was once a boy scout, can’t you. 🙂 Got any other items to mention that you carry with you in search of the perfect image? Share in comments please.

Video and photography survival kit [Hydrapinion]

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