Mock Microsoft, give money to charity

Microsoft Australia is currently running one of those "visit our site and we'll give money to charity" promotions, promising to donate $1 to the Smith Family for every viewer (up to a $100,000 ceiling) of a site which promotes Office 2007 (and is also a sneaky way to get people to install Silverlight, Microsoft's Flash wannabe). I can't help thinking Microsoft would convince more people to use 2007 if the cursed Ribbon got dumped, but still, why not direct some more of Bill's money towards a worthy cause? (Handy tip: don't try this on a slow connection, on my Next G link it was beyond painful.)

Microsoft Smith Family Office Charity


    Surely I can't be the _only_ person in the world who finds the ribbon interface an improvement over Office 2003?

    Probable Microsoft discussion

    "Hmmm, how do we get people to use silverlight...? I know! lets put in the guilt factor!"

    I think its a fair deal/win-win, you should have a look.

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