Meet Lifehacker AU’s New Editor

Yes, it’s all change here at Lifehacker Towers. Sarah Stokely has headed off to do strange things on web sites with Stephen Mayne, so it’s time for a new editor. Who am I and what the heck do I think I’m doing here?

My name’s Angus Kidman, and I’ve been a journalist specialising in writing about technology since 1994. Yes, I remember when Windows 95 appeared sophisticated and new (looking at Vista, I’m inclined to think it still does in some respects) and when diarising your life online didn’t involve the word ‘blog’. During that time, I’ve edited and written for dozens of technology magazines and sites, including Lifehacker’s sister site Gizmodo. When the option to edit the local Lifehacker site came up, it seemed like a very interesting opportunity, so here I am.

Technology habits? Historically, I’ve pretty much always been a Windows user, which has been a depressing experience ever since Vista appeared, quite frankly. A combination of not-enough-keyboard-shortcuts and too-much-holier-than-thou-rubbish has always kept me away from Macs, but I’m spending increasing amounts of time on my Eee PC.

My work as a journalist means I travel incessantly. This in turn means I’m a notebook-only boy, I’m painfully aware of the benefits and shortcomings of wireless broadband, and I’m waiting to see if anyone can ever outdo the BlackBerry in terms of being actually useful, as opposed to having a touch screen (ever tried writing an article on an iPhone? Thought not.)

For the Australian version of the Lifehacker site, I’m keen to see an increase in the number of tips useful to Australians, while still passing on all the best relevant material from our parent site. We may live in a global village — I spend what seems like half my life on planes — but there’s still plenty of opportunities to help Aussies make the most of the technology options we have open to us, and that’s where I’d like to see Lifehacker evolve. I also meet lots of people in the course of my work and travels, so I’m keen to pick their brains for useful ideas: great software sometimes isn’t as helpful as a great new approach. Anyway, enough blithering, there’s posts to write . . .


  • Welcome!!

    We’re friendly here, but not very talkative (unless there’s prizes). But the local flavour makes this a essential stop in my daily internet commute.

    Looking forward to seeing your work.

  • Thanks but hw do i get to every time i type in I ALWAYS get redirected to… and thats not what I want.

  • Welcome Angus.
    There’s always one who can’t just smile and say HI. That’s me – Lifehacker is one of my friends. I’m here everyday. Lots of the material is great. But best of all are the comments, and frankly there’s precious little of that. Could it be that we have to jump through hoops to get our posts up – and even mild criticism gets them blocked (or is it lost). And why is it so hard to get to see the US Lifehacker posts. Why, when they have heaps of posts does the Oz site say that they have none.
    As for the page refresh – well thank god for the Firefox 3 block of that!

  • Welcome Angus
    It will be good to see more local content but its still good to see what is available elsewhere.Even if the Internet is US centric.
    It’s encouraging to see more local comment.

    @Glen; there is a US link on the top right hand of the page, in the Search Bar box.

  • Hey Angus,
    Very Australian name of you there. Perfect for the branch community here.

    Looking forward to seeing plenty of articles from you 😀

  • Hey, I do like the more Australian stories here as they are generally more relevant then the American articles even though I am from across the Tasman.

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