LocatePC Tracks Stolen Computers with Discrete Emails

LocatePC Tracks Stolen Computers with Discrete Emails

Windows only: Free computer-tracking application LocatePC is a lightweight application that can save you a hefty amount of money if your laptop, or even desktop, falls into the wrong hands. Running as a nondescript background app, LocatePC can quietly email you at regular intervals or, more helpfully, whenever your IP address changes. That could be a pain for those behind cable connections and the like, but with a simple email filter or a little router-tweaking, you’ll only be bothered by those emails when you really need them. LocatePC is a free download for Windows systems only. For more laptop lock-down tips, check out Adam’s quick guide to thief-proofing your laptop.


  • Even if you have the IP of someone who has (allegedly) stolen your laptop, would an ISP tell you who that IP belongs too? Would an email of this nature be sufficient for the police to take action?

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