iPhone goes to Vodafone


    All the rumours are pointing towards the iPhone being release here on multiple carriers (3G, no less) so I wouldn't be too concerned about coverage. I almost expect Optus (at least) to make their own announcement re: the iPhone any day now. Even though Vodafone just announced they'll sell the iPhone in Italy, Telephone Italia has just announced that THEY'LL have it too. (http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/apple-first-use-two-networks/story.aspx?guid={AAD52F10-0F9B-467D-8F3D-AB2488370936}&siteid=yhoof)
    I expect Australia to be the same.

    From my point of view, Vodafone is the perfect carrier.

    Vodafone... bad coverage.. huh? The only place I haven't got coverage was when I went bush.

    By far the worst reception of the networks I've used (Virgin, Voda, Three). Every place I have lived in inner Sydney and suburban Melbourne has had terrible Vodafone coverage.

    Yep, I suspect you're right.

    Does anyone know what the price is likely to be?

    At the moment Three are the only carrier with even remotely useful data plans for a reasonable price. If it ain't available with them, the other carriers would have to significantly improve their included data to make it worthwhile.

    once you buy it outright you can unlock it anyway.

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