Identify Telemarketers at CallerComplaints

Identify Telemarketers at CallerComplaints

US-centric: Next time you miss a call from an unknown number, check if it’s a telemarketer on the CallerComplaints web site. CallerComplaints maintains a user-submitted database of telemarketer phone numbers and even rounds up the worst offenders. Registering with the Do Not Call list is your best defence against unsolicited calls, but for those telemarketers still pushing through, CallerComplaints could come in handy.

AU – in Australia the relevant bodies are the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman which oversees telcos/ISPs and the Do Not Call Register


  • I Was a Telemarketer
    Having a number of medical problems I am reduced to doing a lot of pretty awful low paid jobs and still the ends don’t meet when I saw an ad for telemarketers that actually paid you an hourly rate and it was good money well atleast good compared to what I was getting on my last job So I applied and was hired, when I got there I found that there were 16 of us all in this one room and this woman who was the boss it was all laid out like a classroom with us all facing the teacher but she was no ordinary boss, there was this kinda weird air of Oh we’re a happy bunch of guys and the old hands are all joking and yelling out to each other and making fun at the boss, and then the job started BANG they turned oin the stereo playing 80’s rock as loud as you hear it sitting at the front row at a concert and then we’d have to start ringing people selling well resonably priced holidays but the noise, you had to scream to be heard over the phone and the people we were ringing Well nearly everyone I rang was like 90 in the very same retirement village and I was expected to convince these people who many were clearly sick and frail to pay for a holiday, all the while I’m nearly pushing the phone into the side of my head straining to hear what the person was saying and all the while I had to ignore whatever they said and just keep reading this script and every now and then someone would make a sale and the Boss would get all excited and we were expected to stand up and clap and cheer, during the lunch break I asked whos whacked out idea was it to have to have that goddam music so loud and they said Oh it’s all phsychological it’ll make you feel happy and the customers on the phone will be more relaxed and make the whole transaction sound more exciting.

    A couple of times I nearly sold some poor person the stupid holiday as it was clear that they were’nt well compus mentus and I just could’nt go through with it, BUT I NEEDED THE MONEY so I kept going back to work I figured I’d keep going until they fired me maybe 3-4 days but on day 3 my voice quit on me I simply could not yell down the phone any longer, I pleaded with the boss surely we could have the music down to a dull roar, I noticed many of the old hands were actually seated right next to the speakers and it did’nt bother them, well by the end of day 3 I was sacked and I was glad, but from what I picked up on my 3 days on the job the business was a good one they were making roughly $8000 a day and out of that $8000 they were paying the wages of 21 people, now I know what the telemarketers were making but there were 3 others who did data entry and general paperwork plus the boss and her boss ( why I don’t know one boss is enough) and then their was the owner a woman apparently she owned the whole place on her own and when I think about it was such an easy idea flogging someone elses product which they themselves can’t sell and they must go through telemarketers very quickly if their offering such high wages to attract more but what do they care theirs plenty more where I came from and they just sit back and do their big cheer whe one of us fools makes a sale and they pocket the true profits and we have to live with ourselves for selling a holiday to a sick and frail old person

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