How to use passive marketing to advance your career


Passive marketing (like passive income) is great because once you have it set up, it does its job without needing constant time and effort to keep it ticking over – so, it’s a nice time saver.
The Freelance Switch blog has some tips for how freelancers can use passive marketing to promote themselves – and most of the tips are equally applicable to job seekers as well.
These include:
*having an awesome portfolio of your work
*maintaining good customer relationships to get the benefit of word of mouth referrals and repeat business (for a jobseeker, focus on good professional relationships within your industry)
*maintaining an online professional portfolio at sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Do you have any preferred methods for maintaining your professional profile? Share in comments please.

Passive Marketing for Freelancers [Freelance Switch]


  • Writing a blog would be my preferred method…You are kind of selling yourself through your blog – I think it is a good customer relationship management tool…

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