How to survive Melbourne's 3rd annual Zombie Shuffle

zombie_shuffle.pngPhew, just in time for Melbourne's third annual Zombie Shuffle, comes Wired's handy guide for surviving a zombie apocalypse.
I can't say I'm a zombie fan, personally I prefer the old days when geeks were either into monkeys or ninjas. But if you're into bandages, horror movie makeup and mumbling "braaaains" then the Zombie Shuffle may be right up your alley. Enjoy! I mean, braaaains! :)

[via Richard Watts]


    I believe I will appear with a cricket bat and some vinyl LP's.

    How to survive Melbourne's 3rd Annual Zombie Shuffle - suck the brains and then drink the fantastic Zombie Cocktail reviver. Famous at the Tiki Lounge & Bar Richmond

    that sucks do they host this event any where else in australia like sydney cause id love to participate

    Every time I've searched for this event and when it's I find it's over I find it! Bummer. Can anyone tell me if there is website or something that I can join to get notification when this on, I'd really love to participate.

    I live in North Melbourne and had super high hopes for what is an amazing looking place.

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