How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro

How to Dice an Onion Like a Pro

Cooking web site The Kitchn demonstrates how to dice an onion like a pro in the video above. It’s surprisingly simple, and when you’re done you’ll have a perfectly diced that onion ready for the millions of recipes that might require it. The post also covers a few tips specific to different onion types and briefly discusses chopping onions tear-free, territory we’ve covered in the past. You’re now one more step closer to chopping vegetables like a pro.


  • If you do like is shown, you have to hold the sides in, which gives an uneven cut and increases the risk of slicing a finger.

    Horizontal before Vertical! Less likely to fan out.

  • That looks like the most complicated way to dice an onion I’ve ever seen. Like SATHAN777 said, the chance of cutting a finger is too high with this method.

  • Why bother with the horizontal at all? I’ve been dicing my onions professionally for years with the same basic method, minus the horizontal cut. As soon as you do anything with the onion (stir or cook), it will break up mostly along that axis anyway. Waste of time and blood.

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