How Do You Organise Your RSS Feeds?

How Do You Organise Your RSS Feeds?

Newsreaders are a blessing for anyone who wants to stay on top of the constant flow of information available on the web, but if you’re not careful your feedreader can get so clogged and disorganised that you lose many of the benefits of RSS. Blogger GenuineChris details how he combatted this situation using fewer folders organised by quality—like A-List, B-List, etc. At the end of the day this strategy isn’t groundbreaking, but it got us wondering: How do you organise your newsreader? Let’s hear what helps you stay king of your RSS mountain in the comments.


  • I (only?) have 7 RSS feeds I subscribe to:
    APC Magazine
    Microsoft Security Bulletins

    … and of course:

    Seeing as I use MS Office 2007 at work for email (and generally spend most day in front of it) I have Outlook check my RSS feeds for me.

    I’ve heard some people mention that this slows Outlook down, which it does. When it first checks things in the morning it can take a good 10 mins to check my email and all RSS feeds, but I just use that time to get breakfast and coffee.

    After that though, it’s work as normal and because it’s all in the same place as my email it’s easy to implement an ‘Inbox Zero’ policy, especially with Outlook’s search folders.

  • using NewsFire:

    General News – > ABC/BBC
    Gaming – > Joystiq/Kotaku/Vooks/Economic Gamer
    Tech News -> Engadget/Pogues Posts
    Misc Blogs -> Boing Boing/Consumerist/Lifehacker/Post Secret/Stephen Fry
    Social -> Digg
    TV -> TV Squad/TV Tonight (aus)
    Corp -> Google Blog/Gmail/The Burning Edge
    Apple -> TUAW/Macrumors/MacTalk/Infinite Loop
    Comics -> xkcd/Ctrl Alt Del/Joy of Tech/Punch&Pie

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